Top 10 Most Read Last Week On, Week 19

Most read last week

  1. Axis2: Why bother? (257): The Axis team is kicking up a big fuss about their recent release of Axis 2 (1.0!) Surprisingly, this library is so so abysmally bad, [read]

  2. Google trends proves: Java is doomed (251): Google trends is a nice idea, and I had to apply it adhoc to Java, Ruby, Python and C#. Interesting results, I can see a decline in Java! [read]

  3. Rich Open Source Webmail that doesn't suck (219): Guys...lets face it. Squirrel Mail... So check out our killer rich webmail. [read]

  4. Your Next Programming Language (216): Many people talk about how, as software developers, we should learn new programming languages frequently. [read]

  5. How to recognize a "Sacred Code" (210): You know you are dealing with a "sacred code" when you ask a previous developer (or the designer of the code) a question about the code and his immediate reply is .... [read]

  6. All you ever wanted to know about Workflow and how it relates to Java, Transactions and Concurrency (204): Read this blog carefully and you're in for a PAYRAISE. Workflow and business process technology will be essential in developing next generation applications. The knowledge about it is scarce. [read]

  7. Omg - I love this (Mac users may not) (203): This guy doesn't like Macs Damnation this is funny.... [read]

  8. 7 Reasons Why Web Apps Fail (179): Web applications are popping up faster and faster every day, and quite a few are using the power that Ajax offers to their advantage. [read]

  9. Scaling out 37 Signal-style applications is convenient (179): I had someone telling me that: Ruby can scale. Basecamp prooves that. Now, you all know that I do not think that Ruby has ANY problems with scaling. However, [read]

Most read last week-end

  1. Omg - I love this (Mac users may not) (203): This guy doesn't like Macs Damnation this is funny.... [read]

  2. How to Design a Good API (176): I was reading this presentation on the Design of API's by Joshua Bloch it talk's about how to design a good api but more importantly the reasons why doing certain things results in a good design. [read]

  3. JRuby on Rails Is Born (172): JavaOne attendees are in for a treat. Not only will they be receiving a DDJ issue which calls Rails a tipping-point to a new era in enterprise computing (or something like that)... [read]

  4. JavaOne day -1 : Bird Strike (147): The plan was to fly out from Sydney to San Francisco today. The plane was fueled, the travelers boarded. The aircraft taxied out to the runway, takeoff speed was reached, [read]

  5. 10 things i love about my Mac (125): A switcher Top 10 of nice things on Mac OS X: 1. The way programs live in the system (no registry shit) 2. The shell 3. Firewire boot capabilities 4. Apps like iChat, iSync and Addressbook 5. [read]

  6. YouTube bandwith usage/costs ... AMAZING ! (121): While looking for successfull video hosting I found this techcrunch article about youtube called Did YouTube Just Raise another $25 million? [read]

  7. 10 things i hate about my Mac (113): A switcher Top 10 of ugly issues with Apple Mac OS X: 1. No @ key in boot camp windows installation available 2. All banking programs on mac really suck 3. adv. [read]

  8. Commons Collections 3.2 Released (113): Commons Collections 3.2 has been released. Commons Collections is a library that builds upon the Java Collection Framework. It provides additional Map, [read]

  9. GoogleTrends : Java vs C# vs PHP (112): La comparaison est un poison. Ceci dit, comparer "l'intérêt" pour java, C# et PHP avec GoogleTrends, le nouveau service de Google, était très tentant... [read]

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