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Spring is hip these days, so I decided to learn a bit more about it. I had used Avalon a while ago, I was attracted by its design by component and the way it seemed to lay out a proper infrastructure to build a server application. In the end, I was a bit disappointed, it required a bit too much glue code for my taste and did not provide that much in exchange. I don’t remember if, at that time, it was advertised as IoC (Inversion Of Control) container. This experience is one of the reasons why I did not jump on the Spring ship.
I have read 3 books, here is what I thought of them, briefly:

You can wonder a bit why there are 3 books on Spring, that similar. I believe there is space for other intelligent presentations of Spring. Subjects are often treated superficially. For example, look at the Fowler article versus the best chapter about IoC, the one from Wrox, and you’ll see how much more detailed it could have been. I find it a bit shocking since IoC is the basis of Spring. It would have been good to see a book explaining why Spring chose that particular design over another, for the main features, and presenting alternatives better. I would also have welcomed a book explaining the use of maybe just a few Spring aspects, but in the frame of a big, commercial application. For example after reading those books, it is not immediately clear to me what are Spring benefits when using Swing support versus other solutions. Another critic is that all those books were written around the same time, and are sometimes already obsolete. None of them describes Spring JDK 1.5 support (for transactions or JMX or metadata). The official free Spring reference book seems better in many ways.

Those books showed me Spring could be useful in some projects:
On top of it you get AOP for easy debugging or profiling, which is always useful at some point.

I am not convinced about Spring when it comes to:
To me, the main alternative to Spring, and a very good one, is JBoss. I will elaborate on that subject later in another post.

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