Scala is Mad (part 2)

I still did not abandon Scala despite my previous post, mainly because I have already quite a bit of code, and am too lazy to port it. Furthermore the issues I detailed were not serious enough to motivate a switch. But these days I am more and more fed up with Scala, especially because of the Eclipse plugin. I tried the newer, the beta, and the older, the stable, the conclusion is the same. It’s welcome but:

It’s nice to type less, but if overall writing is slower because of the above issues, it does not help. Beside curiosity of a new language features, I don’t see any point in Scala today, even if some of the ideas are interesting. I am sure it will be forgotten/abandoned in a couple of years. Today, if I would try a new language, I would give Google Go a try: I don’t think another big language can make it/be useful on the JVM (beside a scripting kind of language, like JavaScript or Jython).

Google Go focuses on the right problem: concurrency. It also is not constrained to JVM limitation (on the other side one can not use a Java library - but open source stuff is usually not too difficult to port from one language to another). It has one of the fastest compilers. It makes interesting practical choices: no inheritance.

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