Orkut Statistics and Blog Evolution

I was just having a look at orkut again. As in my last look in the past year, there is not much new or interesting. The technical forums are mostly uninteresting and it almost looks like nothing is going on. Take a look at the orkut java forums, in 1 year, very few messages are good.

Compare that to javablogs.com blogs aggregation, every week there are many interesting posts. The blog model is good because it is targeted at people who want to write. When you blog, you build a history. Forums don’t let you do that. You could have a social model on top of blogs, and I am sure this will be one of their next evolution.

I found one good page, the orkut statistics:

  1. Brasil is number one country with almost 75% of the people from there. I wonder why they find it that much better than alternatives. It’s strange how something can be successful somewhere and not somewhere else.
  2. US represent only 7.8%.
  3. Iran and Pakistan represent 6%, that is almost the equivalent of the US. I was very surprised by that.
  4. Europe does not exist there.
More than 50¨% of the orkutians are under 25, which probably explains why not much is going on there.

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