Java enum Is Evil

Before Java 1.5, I never really complained about the lack of enum keyword. Sure the old enum via class pattern was a bit verbose at first (N.B.: Java 1.5 enums can also be verbose once you start adding methods to them). But more importantly, you would often use the table lookup pattern in combination.

The problem with Java 1.5 enum is that it is not Object-Oriented. You can’t extend an enum, you can’t add an element in an existing enum. Many will say “but that’s what enum is for, a static list of things”. In my experience,  the list of things often changes with time, or needs to be extended at one point. Furthermore, most people (including me when I am very lazy) end up writing switch statements on enum values. Enum promotes bad programming practices.

Think twice about using enum, this is often not what you want.

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