2 Months of Ubuntu on Mac Mini

I am finally happy with my OS. I had previously some complaints about MacOs X and the Mac Mini. It is now over, with Ubuntu, I am very happy of my quiet system.

I use Quod Libet for Audio, it has similar interface as iTunes, with more features (ability to play most audio formats). I chose Quod Libet instead of the standard Rhythmbox because of its practical mp3 tags handling. This also means that unlike iTunes, when I reimport my full library with another player, or on another computer, I have it all organized the right way, because the right meta data is in the audio files and not in a xml file that sometimes gets corrupted.

I can use Open Office (not yet available in non alpha version for Mac Os X).

I can use Picasa or other more standard alternatives instead of iPhoto.

I can use free guitar tuners, plenty of esoteric software.

Remote control, fancy bluetooth apple keyboard, cd burning, dvd player, printer work flawlessly. And it’s all free software (except Picasa which is only gratis).

I am happy with my Ubuntu system :).

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